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Health Benefits

Body Shaming Is Not a New Year’s Resolution

If physical health is a resolution, mental health should be too.

The Big Vape

Smoking is a big killer among the LGBTQ community. Switching to e-ciagrettes could change that.

'His Health' Is a New Platform Helping Doctors Tackle Implicit Bias In Treating Black Gay Men

The new online traning platform seeks to help doctorts unlearn racial bias and elevate the quality of healthcare for black gay men.

Why Do LGBTQ People Need Community? Pink Therapy Author Explains

Charles Neal stresses the importance of camaraderie, while also celebrating our innate differences.

Watch: Incredible Dance Video Reveals the End of HIV

Julianne Moore, choreographer Ryan Heffington, composer Lucian Piane, and others give new meaning to interpretive dance in this groundbreaking video.

Hillary Clinton: HIV/AIDS Are Still With Us, We Still Have Work To Do

In a video for a HIV conference, Clinton offers her proposals on ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

It's HIV Vaccine Awareness Day & New HIV Prevention Methods Show Promise

In conjunction with HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, the amfAR Institute releases data on studies in virus prevention. 

The HIV Breakthrough We've Been Waiting For?

New health guidelines urge a massive increase in number of gay men, and other risk groups, taking the one-a-day PrEP pill, Truvada

Are Walmart's Same-Sex Benefits Simply Symbolic?

Walmart's decision is pure business.