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Trump Officially Secures Delegate Count Needed for Nomination

Trump Officially Secures Delegate Count Needed for Nomination

donald trump
Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia Commons

Although he's been the frontrunner for a while, now it's confirmed. This. Is. Actually. Happening.

Well, it's happened. Trump has secured his position as presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican party. Here's the kicker: 1,237 delegates are needed to secure the nomination, and Trump has gathered a whopping 1,238. Just one more delegate than required.

Although he won't be officially announced as the nominee until the GOP Convention in July, crossing this threshhold makes it truly impossible for any other candidate to contest him. His final votes came from 29 unbound delegates (meaning these were delegates who didn't need to adhere to the results of their respective states' primary election results) pledging their support to Trump today.

After major states, like California (300 delegates) vote in the upcoming weeks, Trump will be able to increase his lead even more.

This has really happened.

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