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Gay British Couple Beaten In Homophobic Attack


Kicked repeatedly in the eyes and robbed, the couple was attacked by a group of men on their way back from a date. 

A gay couple in Brighton, England was attacked Sunday night while walking home from a date, Attitude reports. In a Facebook post, Dain Luka reported he is at risk of losing sight in his left eye after spending a night in the hospital with "eyes full of blood."

He detailed the incident:

"Just to let everyone know I'm out of the hospital me and James Flok Loxtonare okay still In shock of what's happened Two guys decided to shout homophobic comments as we were walking home doing the sensible thing and ignoring it they decided to jump us and kick us in the face I don't know who did but thank you to the people trying to get the guys off us and calling the police. My eyes are full of blood and I've fractured all the bones in my face. I should find out in the next few days if I'm going to get my vision back in my left eye. Felt pretty lucky going through life not experiencing homophobia and for it to happen in Brighton just goes to show that people still can't be accepting of others the guys who did this have been caught and I really hope karma gets them. No one should ever experience being discriminated against no matter what their life choices are."


In an update post on Facebook, Dain reported the indiviudals responsible for the attack have been arrested and charged.

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