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National Organization for Marriage (NOM) Wants to End Marriage Equality Under Trump


The National Organization for Marriage—AKA the United States' anti-marriage equality hate group—is very excited about the Trump win, calling it a "bright and exciting time."

The primary goals of the organization are to reverse nearly all of the progress made during the Obama administration regarding the Obergefell Supreme Court decision (which delcared marriage equality a constitutional right) and gender identity directives by President Obama.

President of the organization, Brian Brown, wrote in a blog post that NOM will "work with President Trump [to] nominate conservative justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, individuals who will adhere to the words and meaning of the constitution," "rescind the illegal, over-reaching executive orders and directives issued by President Obama, including his dangerous 'gender identity' directives," and "reverse policies of the Obama administration that seek to coerce other countries into accepting same-sex ‘marriage’ as a condition of receiving U.S. assistance and aid," among other missions.

Lately, NOM had been diverting its anti-marriage equality efforts towards countries like France. We can only hope their poisonous anti-equality message won't last long here.

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