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Sam Bee Asks, 'WTF?' to These Russian 'Thinkfluencers' Trolling the 2016 Election


The World Wide Nyet

There's still a week left before we're all put out of our misery and the country is potentially plunged into a misery of its own for the next four or eight years. And while it'll be refreshing to wake up and not have yet another election-related scandal, or would-be scandal, clogging up our news and social media feeds, I must say, I'll miss Samantha Bee's brand of righteous indignation and unchecked exasperation at our democracy's continued self-flagellation.

Eh, who am I kidding? As long as there's politics, there's going to be reason to be pissed off about it. But this election has proven particularly infuriating, and you know who's not helping it? Russia.

Well, unless you ask Russia, which is pretty much what Sam Bee did on last night's episode of Full Frontal, in which she interviewed Russian "thinkfluencers"--government-employed internet trolls spreading pro-Russian point of views all across the interwebs, thus ruining the internet for everyone. That includes apparently tampering with the U.S. election--as if America needed any help fucking itself over.

While Russia's actions seem very pro-Trump, the two masked trolls Bee interviewed don't think they're doing any harm. They're just, as one says, "shaking them up a little," even if they're responsible for disseminating false information. But it's not their fault if people believe their lies (what is, Things the GOP says for $400, Alex?).

"Maybe [American] people are to blame, too," the thinkfluencer argues. "They're lazy and believe everything they read."

Valid. But Americans are spoiled by something called freedom of the press--something that, in Russia, ain't so free--which might be why the majority of Russians conflate homosexuality with pedophilia, leading to near unanimous public support of a ban on "gay propaganda." So this troll's argument, much like her job, is kinda garbage.

Though because the U.S. media is free and independent--despite Trump's frequent claims to the contrary--the amount of information out there can be daunting to get through. Luckily, we have Sam Bee to help us wade through the murky waters of half-truths and blatant lies to find some glimmer of truth.

Also, Full Frontal's segments on the alt-right and Bee's interview with President Obama are definitely worthwhile viewing (see below):

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