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Bryan Singer Accuser to Withdraw Original Sex-Abuse Case

Bryan Singer Accuser to Withdraw Original Sex-Abuse Case

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Egan III, the man who filed multiple sexual abuse cases against Bryan Singer and three other men, is seeking to withdraw his last remaining lawsuit.

On Monday, he quietly filed a motion titled: "Plaintiff's Opposition to Motion to Withdraw as Counsel; Request for Court Order of Dismissal, Without Prejudice or an Award of Costs or Fees, in the Interest of Justice — filed by Michael F. Egan, III (pro se).” 

Though the motion is sealed, Egan says that he want the case dismissed “without prejudice or an award of costs or fees, in the interest of justice.” If the case is dismissed without prejudice, Egan could refile the action at a later date. 

This comes only a week after Egan’s lawyer, Jeffery Herman, dropped him as a client following a Buzzfeed report showing that Egan entered into a $100K settlement

Egan’s cases seem to have fallen apart because of sworn statements he made over a decade ago. In 2003, Egan said that he’d never been to Hawaii and that he’d never had sexual contact with David Neuman — a defendant in one of Egan’s lawsuits. 

THR suggests that Singer’s lawyers will fight Egan's pro se motion — meaning he’s representing himself — in Hawaii, as Singer has already filled a motion to dismiss the suit with prejudice.

However, if the case is dismissed with prejudice, Egan won’t be able to refile. Furthermore a dismissal with prejudice could preclude Singer filing a malicious prosecution suit of his own. 

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