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Have You Ever Been Ghosted? REYNA (& Their New Bop) Is Here For You

Have You Ever Been Ghosted? REYNA (& Their New Bop) Is Here For You


The queer sister duo's new song "you could at least say goodbye" is a certified sapphic banger!

Queer sister duo REYNA are back and better than ever.

The group, formed by Vic and Gab Banuelos, released the title track to their upcoming debut EP "you could at least say goodbye" and we've got a certified sapphic bop on our hands.

Featuring a bouncy, bass-heavy beat, with the sisters' airy vocals dancing above it, "you could at least say goodbye" is a song that you want to dance around your kitchen to and that you'll have on repeat for a long time.

In the video, Vic and Gab sing about sadly sitting around their house after they get ghosted by their respective girlfriends. Soon, each gets a mannequin, and dresses it up like their ex, recreating the activities they used to do with their significant others. It's a hilarious look at how we deal with heartbreak in the modern age.

The song, which mixes English with Spanish, helps to carve out space for queer Latinas and Latines in the lesbian and sapphic communities, reminding us that not all queer pop stars are white.

"No goodbye's no explanation, just an unanswered text message," REYNA said in a statement about the story behind the song. "It's barbaric. Ending a relationship like this kind of feels like pressing pause on a movie and not watching the ending. Even if the ending is sad there is something comforting about going through it, talking about it, and experiencing it so you can arrive at the end knowing what got you there and with tools to get through it. Instead, there were so many sleepless nights staring at the ceiling wondering what I could have done differently, what happened, when the beginning of the end was, was it something I did? It was excruciating"

This song is just the first from their upcoming EP of the same name, which is set to release on May 6. The project will follow the journey of a breakup from beginning to end, addressing themes of bargaining, ghosting, and finally, trying to move on.

"You Could At Least Say Goodbye comes from a place of pain, growth, and making a lot of fun of myself," Vic Banuelos says. "I was in a long-distance international relationship with a girl who I thought was 'IT.' But add a bunch of lies, a pandemic, and $600 dollar round trip airfare to see her every couple of weeks...well that puts a lot of strain on a relationship, to say the least."

"This EP is about the stages of a relationship, you start by talking it out, trying to put the pieces back together, but then you go to being ghosted and not getting to say goodbye," she continues. "Not getting any closure led me to feeling angry and in some moments wanting to breakdown and beg but I am definitely too 'orgullosa' for that, which is the word in Spanish for 'too proud.'"

"The YCALSG EP was healing for me. I went from everything to nothing with this girl in a course of a year and half," she adds. "Writing these songs was painful but at the same time I feel like these songs gave me closure because I know I did everything in my power to do things right. Now I'll always have these songs which feel more like a journal and a wild chapter of my life."

Check out the video below and add the song to your playlists today! And when the EP comes out May 6, make sure to give it a listen.

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