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Lesbian Jesus Hayley Kiyoko Is Back With ‘Found My Friends’ Video

Hayley Kiyoko

Girls like girls, and girls like Hayley Kiyoko’s new song!

Fresh off releasing her first-ever fragrance, the gender-inclusive scent HUE, Lesbian Jesus has risen from the grave with a brand new song and music video, “Found My Friends!”

In “Found My Friends,” Kiyoko sings about needing someone in her life, and realizing that she has herself. It’s a powerful message of self-love hidden inside a classic Kiyoko bop. Like other songs from the star, the song isinstantly recognizable for dark dance beats and catchy hooks layered together into a deep, but still danceable track.

“‘Found My Friends’ is a song I wrote during a challenging time when I realized instead of being my own worst enemy, I could actually be my own best friend,” Kiyoko said in a statement. “It's about discovering and nurturing a strong friendship with yourself. This song resonates even more so now with everyone experiencing isolation in quarantine, when we still somehow find the resilience to connect with one another and find comfort in each other.”

In the video, Kiyoko does what she does best,:dancing around the famous Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles in orange leather pants and jacket. As always, Kiyoko is insanely hot as she dances and has a great time singing the song. Even when she’s singing about going through tough times, she always looks incredible when performing.

As usual, Kiyoko directed the video herself, bringing another layer of authenticity to the way she presents her music and herself. “The video concept for ‘Found My Friends’ was to capture a moment of being fully present in the moment and working through a feeling,” she said. “Whether it's excitement, joy, or fear – it's about taking control and owning it.”

She also mentioned that the decision to shoot the video entirely on film was a creative one. “Color is always a huge inspiration and so it was truly a dream come true to have the opportunity to shoot this video entirely on film,” Kiyoko says. “Shooting on film captures color differently than digital but can be a very challenging process because the lighting has to be perfect, the number of takes is limited, and you can't see the true outcome until you are in the editing room.”

Towards the end of the song, Kiyoko goes into an extended bridge repeating the line, “I just wanna dance with you tonight,” actually singing that she wants to dance with herself. But when Kiyoko repeats the phrase all I can think of is hitting up lesbian clubs and bars and finding someone to sing it to on the busy dance floor. Lesbian Jesus is back, and it’s like she never left.

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