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Phoebe Bridgers' Broken 'SNL' Guitar Fetches $101k At GLAAD Auction

Phoebe Bridgers on SNL

Now that's rock'n'roll!

The guitar that indie rock superstar Phoebe Bridgers broke while performing on Saturday Night Live is back in the news.

The four-time Grammy-nominee's smashed guitar was sold for an impressive $101,500 at an auction benefiting GLAAD on Sunday, as a part of the GLAAD Media Awards. At first, the bids had been lower, in the five figures, but they shot up on Sunday.

"I know she has a loyal fan base," says Anthony Ramos of GLAAD. "Saturday night when I went to bed, it was around $18,000, and I was like, 'That's a great number!' I was kind of hoping we would get to 25. Then I woke up and it was 40, then 50, then 80, and finally over 100. Obviously we were very pleasantly surprised. I'm so thankful someone wanted to support our work and wanted that guitar so badly."

"The other side of it is that we're so grateful to Phoebe for donating the guitar but also for being someone who's a visible and out part of the community in rock music," he added. "She made a great album, and we love all she's doing and love working with her."

Ramos first contacted the bisexual singer about the guitar after he watched her smash it on SNL. He said at the time, he thought, "'Huh. I wonder what happened with that guitar? I bet people would pay some money for this -- it's worth a shot.'" As soon as he asked her, Bridgers was happy to help out and sent it to LA immediately. "It's in really cool condition," Ramos said of the instrument -- "given that it's obviously distressed and broken. I can see it being put on a wall as a great art piece."

Bridgers was the musical guest on SNL this February, when Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy hosted. After performing her Grammy-nominated song "Kyoto," first, Bridgers ended the show by playing "I Know the End." When she reached the climactic end of the song, she smashed her guitar into the monitor sending sparks flying.

The stunt was a hit with fans, but others didn't feel the same way. Rock legend David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, tweeted that the move was "Pathetic... Guitars are for playing .. making music ..... not stupidly bashing them on a fake monitor for childish stage drama." Bridgers replied simply, calling Crosby a "little bitch."

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