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Lil Nas X Asks 'Where the D*ck At' in New Song Snippet

LIl Nas X rapping

These are the type of rhymes we need, to be honest.

Since coming out, Lil Nas X has been unabashedly leaning into who he is. The record-breaking and heavily-awarded performer has proven himself as kind of the internet time and time again. He also killed "one-hit wonder" with tracks like "Rodeo" and "Holiday." Plus, he's served up visual after sublime visual while keeping us salivating over tracks to come -- ok, but seriously when is "Call Me By Your Name" dropping. This week, he's back with another deliciously gay song snippet he has debuted on Twitter.

In a new teaser video, the "Old Town Road" performer lip syncs to an unreleased track. In it, he raps about getting flown out, not calling back if he "hit that," and wanting to hook up other than talk.

"I ain't talking guns when I ask where ya dick at," he raps. And well, mood.

Though the performer has constantly said that the track that made him famous, "Old Town Road" was not sexual in meaning, he hasn't shied away from that sort of fare since. In "Holiday" he rapped about being a "bottom on the low." And honestly, if we are going to have a mainstream rapper this is exactly what we want to hear.

Rap and hip hop have long included unabashed sexuality has long included sexuality as a tentpole of the form, but from a cisgender, heterosexual male perspective.. When women began to see success, they were criticized and slut-shamed -- that continues today notably with stars like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. It's nice to see this from a gay perspective.

Of course, Lil Nas X is in no way the first: there's a legion of gay rappers who have had no shame in talking about it all. We think of the likes of Le1f, Last O, Bryn't, as well as the imitable Cakes Da Killa. There are also others like Drebae and more. Frank Ocean is likely the biggest name and has rhymed about getting "shower head" as well as poppers. To have Lil Nas X continue in this way is all that we could hope for.

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