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Lady Gaga Announces She’s Pregnant with Her Next Album

Lady Gaga Announces She’s Pregnant with Her Next Album

Lady Gaga Announces She’s Pregnant with Her Next Album

She also just followed Rihanna on Instagram.

Since Lady Gaga won her first Oscar last month, rumors have swirled that the pop star's next project is motherhood, with stans speculating that the pop star is pregnant and that the father is her ex-fiance Christian Carino (or, according to my mom, Bradley Cooper). But as Gaga herself announced last night, the father is...Lady Gaga. Because Lady Gaga isn't pregnant with something so pedestrian as a baby! What she's actually carrying is her next album.

"Rumors I'm pregnant? Yeah, I'm pregnant with #LG6," Mother Monster tweeted Tuesday night, causing Twitter to have what can only be described as a full-on apeshit meltdown.

This spiraled further out of control when, immediately after tweeting the news, she followed producer Bloodpop (who worked with Gaga on Joanne) and pop star-turned-cosmetics mogul Rihanna. Yes, that Rihanna.

The stans took this as evidence that Gaga had worked with Bloodpop on the album's production and that Rihanna would be featured on a track. Rihanna and Lady Gaga on a song together. Let that sink in.

For now there's no other information on when we can expect LG6, but if we don't have it within nine months -- so, by the end of the year -- I'm going to have some strong words for Miss Germonatta. Although honestly, when don't I have strong words for her? A new era is upon us and if it's another Joanne I'm going to scream -- in the bad way.

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