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This Hairstylist Went Viral After Twerking for Megan Thee Stallion

Screenshot of a boy twerking with Megan Thee Stallion

From what we can see, he's very good at what he does!

You ever been living your life, you know just really living, and wind up going viral?

Over the weekend, that's what happened to Justin Arrellano -- granted, he was living his life onstage at a Megan Thee Stallion performance. While at the Steven Madden Music Project in Williamsburg, Arrellano was pulled up with a group of other audience members for a good old-fashioned twerk session. The rest, as they say is history: clips of the hairstylist twerking have accrued over six million views, and on stage, the attention of Megan herself.

Here we talk to Megan about what happened, whether or not he had on butt pads (like some people claim) and how EXACTLY we can learn to twerk like that.

So what exactly happened here?

My friends and I attended this Steve Madden music show on Monday night. Megan was up there on stage, making calls for the crowd to bring up a few people for the twerking contest. She actually did three rounds of call outs and I missed the first one.

The second round, my friends started pushing me forward and barely missed it so I thought it was over. But she kind of pointed at me, probably because I was jumping to get her attention. After the second round went by and she said, okay, well I want to see one more group of people. So sure enough, in the third group I was probably like the second or third person that she called and her stage people just pulled me up there.

So you get up there and you're dancing and in the video it's very evident that Megan is very into what's going on. How was that moment for you?

Everyone was having fun. We all were dancing together and I noticed Megan came up to me and she gets down and was looking at me dancing the whole entire time while she was rapping. So I thought she was feeling it and you know, she started saying something about 'Go hot boy, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.' That kind of lit more fire in me to keep going, you know.

Afterwards, we got up and as I was leaving, she said on the mic, 'Oh I have to say bye to him.' So she came up to me and she hugged me and I just say, 'I'm from Texas too -- well I'm from San Antonio. 'And she said on the mic, 'y'all, he's from Texas.' And everyone started yelling and clapping.

Are you known for twerking? Is this a thing that you do when you go out?

Yeah, whenever I go out, if you go out with me, you know that I'm going to twerk. I've been pulled on stage before, I've done videos before, I've done all of that. I've been doing it since I was little. I remember walking around at parties with my cousins, when I was younger, and dancing to like Splack Pack or 2 Live Crew and stuff like that. If you know me, you know I'm a twerker.

Are you a big fan of Megan or were you just there with your friends?

I'm from Texas so I'm a huge fan of Megan. I've been knowing of her for a few years now because of some of the cyphers that she did that went viral on YouTube actually. So I have been listening to her since that and then she released Tina Snow and she just got more steam behind her name. But I just knew that she was going to be big. She has everything, you know, she has the "it" factor. She's beautiful and she can really write. She can really rap.

Do you have a favorite Megan song?

My favorite one? Well, I mean my favorite is actually a freestyle. It's the "Running Up" freestyle, but because this happened, and I got to dance with her on stage, I think my new favorite is the "Big Booty" with her and Gucci Mane. Now, every time I hear it I'll think of this.

How has the reaction been?

I've had texts and calls and people that are following me messaging and even some new followers. Most of it has been positive. All my friends, all my family have been contacting me and strangers just as well, but I also have had comments like "Oh he has butt pads" and this and that. Of course whenever something viral goes like this, there's going to be haters that are saying different things.

Do you want to say anything to that?

I definitely don't have butt pads. If you go to my Instagram you'll see a video where I'm not necessarily wearing lots of clothing and you can see pretty clearly it's not pads.

I'm assuming you don't do this for a living. So what is your day job and has there been any reaction?

I work in film and television and the beauty industry as well. All of my clients today were messaging me and, and telling me in person like, 'Oh my God, we saw you on Twitter' and this and that. But, you know, it's just weird to see everything happen so fast like it did.

My last question: what's your number one tip for someone who wants to learn to twerk?

So I think the biggest thing is it takes patience and you have to actually practice. I had trouble before a long time ago. It's just patience, isolations and yeah, just practice.

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