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Rhythm + Flow's Cakes Da Killa Is Putting on a Queer Artist Showcase 

Rhythm + Flow's Cakes Da Killa Is Putting on a Queer Artist Showcase

Cakes da killa still photo from Rhythm + Flow

The event is the first of a new party series, kicking off at Atlanta Pride.

Here at Out, we've loved Cakes Da Killa since his debut album Hedonism. He's a dope lyricist with a nasty flow, and talks about the things the gays are actually talking about! Now, having moved from New York City to Atlanta, he's talking about those things on Netflix's new music competitionRhythm + Flow, which features Cardi B. Chance the Rapper and Tip "T.I" Harris as judges.

Tonight Cakes, who has recently released tracks like "Bed Rest" and "Luv Me Nots," will team up with rapper Ripparachie and producer/DJ Divoli S'vere for Atlanta Pride Weekend. Their collaboration has birthed the new party series BODY2BODY. Here, we talked to the rapper about his move, this new party, and being on Netflix.

Why did you move to Georgia and how's the scene there?

The move to Georgia came about because I needed a change of pace from all the years of running amuck in New York. I haven't lived anywhere else so I thought why not move to thee Black mecca. It was time to play on another scene for a little bit anyway and shake it up.

I've visited ATL a few times for gigs but being fully immersed in the scene is a different animal. The city is so unapologetically black and turned up. The perfect place for me to be during this rebranding phase.

Talk to me about the lineup for this showcase and why you chose these names?

BODY2BODY came about from long nights of running around with rapper Ripparachie and producer/DJ Divoli S'vere. We decided to put our individual talents together to create a unique party experience. With the help of Red Bull it became a reality.

The party this weekend, EP. 1, is our Pride edition and features local DJs Jash Jay, Sushi Ceej and Divoli who is our resident DJ. BODY2BODY is all about putting the life back into night life.

You've been dropping singles here and there, when are we getting a project sis?

I know! I've been in hibernation. But I've been busy. I just shot a reality show for Netflix called Rhythm + Flow which I'm super excited about. It just premiered! I'm always writing though so a new album is on the way with a few appetizers here and there before the main course.

My new single "Luv Me Nots" is the vibe of my next project so everyone should check that out. Ripparachie and myself have a bop coming out next week as well with producer Astrolith called "You Could Neva" that I'm super excited about.

How was the Netflix experience and what did you want to show there?

The show was something I was super excited to be on. I've been approached in the past to be on reality shows but this opportunity was focused on artistry over drama so I was sold.

I'm on the show holding it down. This is definitely a culmination of all the work I've been doing on tours and in the media for the past couple of years. I'm happy to finally be getting my just desserts.

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