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Keeping Up with CupcakKe, Her New Single and Collaborations

Keeping Up with CupcakKe, Her New Single and Collaborations

CupcakKe, Throne, Hot Pockets
Logan Fields

The "LGBT" rapper has done plenty since Out last spoke with her.

Understanding the nature of a growing lack of privacy and the inescapable necessity of today's social media, Elizabeth Harris effortlessly commands offline stages as the CupcakKe persona-the one many people recognize for releasing sexually charged content including "Deepthroat," "Vagina" or "Duck Duck Goose"-before almost immediately rushing to her next performance on Twitter as Marilyn Monhoe, the relatable cosmopolitan with the tongue-in-cheek tweets that speak to mind what many of us refuse to say ourselves.

CupcakKe always puts on a show whenever and wherever she goes, and seems to never disappoint her devoted internet and irl following. Her fans, known as her Slurpers, help propel the Chicago rapper's independent and self-made success from when she started as a church poet turned rapper in her mid-teens to when she became a grassroots brand name by the time she turned 21-years old, and whose talent lands her in collaborations with Charli XCX, Rico Nasty and SOPHIE.

Music video for "Hot Pockets"

Since speaking with Out in March of last year, CupcakKe now aims to release her fifth album, or her third according to some music publications, after dropping two albums in the span of less than one year, Queen Elizabitch and Ephorize. In addition to extensively touring the United States for nearly the past year and a half, she has released three singles for her untitled album so far: "Quiz," "Hot Pockets" and the newly released "Blackjack."

The cover art for all three singles have been designed by graphic designer and PC Music affiliate Timothy Luke, and the music videos for the former two singles were directed by USC School of Cinematic Arts student and video director Logan Fields. Fields remarks that it was a "dream come true" to work with CupcakKe, and comments on the rapper's generosity and evolution.

"She allows a lot of creative freedom, and is a very giving and passionate performer so it's easy getting amazing material working with her," he says. "Plus, it is always a joy to hear what she is working on as she is always evolving and progressing as an artist with everything she releases."


CupcakKe on set of the Logan Fields directed "Hot Pockets"

Fields words ring true for CupcakKe who, while not distancing herself from the sexually explicit music that was prevalent on the now defunct Vine, has been using her recent singles to showcase a new direction in her music, one where she puts forth her lyrics, polished productions and growing budget to keep fans and casual music listeners alike interested in what CupcakKe's next step will be.

With "Blackjack," CupcakKe was very secretive about its themes and sound before release, even in the following interview conducted a few days before its premiere earlier today. However, the hazy, trap-driven song does not disappoint, and it is something even MTV's TRL is listening to this Friday. Be sure to listen to the latest CupcakKe single for yourself.

JUAQUIN: You have some upcoming shows. You have one in Michigan and then you're going to California and then you're coming back to New York. How is it trying to keep all that energy without becoming exhausted because you're always putting on a show? What goes into that?
CUPCAKKE: Determination, basically. I'm very determined when I'm onstage. Great sex before stage will also get you through.

I remember meeting you after a show back in March when you were in New York, and I remember your mother, Pam, being very reserved and behind the scenes, but why has Pam become the center of attention for your Slurpers?
I don't know. I think they just see her as a show and they like her. I think that's what it is.

I have been noticing on Twitter you're becoming vegetarian.
I'd been a vegetarian a couple years back, maybe four or five years ago. I went vegetarian for three months, and then I went back to eating meat. This is actually my second time doing it again, but this time I'm expecting to do it way longer than that.

You've also been releasing a lot of singles recently with "Quiz," "Hot Pockets," and, now, "Blackjack." What can you tell us about "Blackjack"?
It's a total slip from what people are expecting. That's the only thing I can say.

Does it have anything to do with SOPHIE?

But you did meet SOPHIE. How was that meeting SOPHIE for the first time?
It was good. It was really great. I think really great.

Do you mind saying what you talked about?
Just, you know, linking up, getting into the studio with each other, but that was mainly it.

What was it like meeting Kim Petras, and what can we expect from the two of you anytime soon?
She was a dope person. Like, she was definitely a very sweet person. Precious. You never know what the future holds.

I've noticed your album is a very return to your drill and trap roots. Was this intentional or something that happened?
It's not a trap album at all, and who said I was going to release a new album?

Would you say you're more focused on the singles now?
I never said there wasn't gonna be an album. I was meaning how did you know there was gonna be an album?

Oh, I've just been assuming because the singles have had a common theme to them. It's very PC Music aesthetic.
Gotcha, gotcha. There is gonna be an album.

Where did you get the PC Music influence from? Is it from working with Charli or did you really get into the music from that?
I thought it was PC Music. Then after they explained it on Twitter like, you know PC Music is actually a real group? And I'm like, oh, no, I thought it was something that sounds...

Like a genre.
Yeah, a genre. That's what I thought the whole thing was, but then when the fans on Twitter was like, no, it's actually a group, I'm like, well, it ain't PC Music then. I think they're calling it PC because the covers are PC looking, but I just thought it was clean covers. Charli XCX, I think she made some of her covers or one of her covers-I don't know what it is-but someone actually recommended me like, yo, this guy makes covers. Do you want to use him for one single? Then one single became another single and that's just how it became.

Thank you so much for speaking with me.
No problem, I appreciate it.

I'll be looking forward to "Blackjack."
It's going to be very creative and very mindblowing. Thank you.

For more from Juaquin Robles, follow him on Twitter here.

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