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Listen to Troye Sivan's Song 'Revelation' From Boy Erased

Listen to Troye Sivan's Song 'Revelation' From Boy Erased

Listen to Troye Sivan's Song 'Revelation' From 'Boy Erased'

Sivan, who also stars in the film, teamed up Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi for the track.

Troye Sivan doesn't just co-star in Boy Erased, the film about gay conversion therapy that's hoping to tug on your heart strings this awards season, he also wrote a song for it. Sivan, who really should've pulled a Nicole Kidman and worn a wig for the movie, teamed up with Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi on "Revelation," and emotional ballad that perfectly underscores the film's message.

In September, Sivan told Stephen Colbert about hearing the stories of young men who undergo conversion therapy. "The thing that was most hurtful about it...I remember being so relieved - I'm gay by the way - when I came out to myself, because I was like 'it's not something I can change. It's not something I have to fight any more. It's just something I have to navigate and accept.' And so that was the big moment for me, and the second that these kids or sometimes adults arrived at these camps, that was taken away from them and they were told immediately, 'no, you weren't born like this. this is a God-shaped hole that you're trying to fill with these homosexual tendencies.' Imagining being 15 again when I was at my most vulnerable, and having that put back on me and being set up with that impossible task of trying to change this thing that ultimately is unchangeable, it's just one of the most damaging things I can imagine."

Boy Erased is in theaters November 2.

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