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Allie X Plays a Tormented Doll in 'Paper Love' Video

Allie X

Allie X, today's most important alt-pop star, has released a music video for CollXtion II single, "Paper Love," and it's the perfect slice of campy, art-house cinema to secure her status as a burgeoning style icon and lyrical whiz. 

As the track's infectious whistles begin whirling, we see Allie X arrive as a packaged doll to an unusual couple in cowboy hats and hooker nails. She's a surprise gift for the daughter, who begins disheveling Allie's perfectly porcelain facade in a dark finale. 

"Come on watch my heart turn to pulp," she sings like a masochist, as the daughter covers her face in cheap red lipstick, cuts off her hair and ultimately tosses her aside. 

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"Initially, when I spoke with director Renata Raksha about what we envisioned for the video, we both agreed we wanted to express a kind of transformation, as well as a paralysis," Allie X says. "Becoming a doll who is gradually defaced was a perfect representation of these ideas." 

As a female, the singer says embodying a doll is a means to become more likeable: Hairless, quiet, composed, unopinionated. "The video in part is a reminder to myself that acting this way is unsustainable and can be very damaging and it is better to be myself."

Watch Allie X's "Paper Love," below. 

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