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First Aid Kit's 'You Are the Problem Here' Rips Apart Rape Apologists

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit songs typically recall soft, classic Americana—the likes of Emmylou Harris and June Carter-Cash. On International Women’s Day, however, the Swedish duo is rightfully angry, releasing today a scathing song, “You Are the Problem Here,” which was written after sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg read about an incident of sexual assault where the male rapist received a lenient punishment.

"'You Are the Problem Here' isn't a typical First Aid Kit-song," the band said in a statement. "It's angry and direct. It's a song written out of despair... After reading about yet another rape case where the perpetrator was handed a sentence which did not at all reflect the severity of his crime we felt upset and vengeful. We were, and are, sick of living in a society where the victims of rape are often blamed for the horrible thing that has been done to them."

The song, produced by Tucker Martine, adds depth to First Aid Kit's folk discography, featuring lyrics like, "I hope you fucking suffer; Do you really expect anyone to feel sorry that you ruined your own life; You did it when you thought you had the right to put your entitled hands up her thighs." Available on digital music services Friday, March 10, proceeds from "You Are the Problem Here" sales will go to Women for Women International.

The Söderberg sisters added that their "message is clear and should not be controversial in the least: if you rape, you are the problem. Alcohol is not the problem. So called 'youth culture' is not the problem. You are. And you always have a choice." Listen, below.

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