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Watch: Janet Jackson Still Slaying for the Gods in 'Dammn Baby' Video

janet dammn baby gif

As mentioned previously, Janet Jackson is the original slay and stunt queen, and in her latest video she's doing both—amply. Amid rumors that she's pregnant with the next messiah, Ms. Jackson (insert if you're nasty joke here) dropped "Dammn Baby," which for someone who's been secretly married three times cannot and shall not be taken lightly.

janet dammn baby

But taken as a pure music video, it's fun, classic Janet, with mom back in dancing form and giving you some Damita Jo staples:


janet dammn baby gif


janet dammn baby gif

And my personal favorite, silhouette-ography

janet dammn baby

I'm getting shades of "Pleasure Principle," thrown in with a little "Rock wit U" and "Make Me," all set to a throwback sample of "I Get Lonely."

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"Dammn Baby" is basically a little mini-history lesson on Janet for these kids today who think divas begin and end with RiRi, Bey and...Taylor.

janet dammn baby

Nearly 35 years after "Young Love," Janet is still going strong. Her 11th studio album Unbreakable garnered her some of the best reviews in years, as well as her seventh number 1 album. Though this is her 50th year of slaying on this earth, legends never get old. Happy birthday, Miss Jackson!

Let's count her in: 5, 4, 3, 2...

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