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The Boys of Madonna's Blond Ambition Star in a New Documentary

strike a pose

If you can still recite every line of Madonna’s "Vogue," you probably remember the sexy men who could strike a pose or two alongside the pop queen in the video. They gave off gay sex appeal to Madge’s already pretty gay career.

Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour in 1990 was originally immortalized 25 years ago in her documentary, Truth or Dare. Now, we get a chance to catch up with Slam and Kevin, the boys of Blond Ambition in Strike a Pose, a documentary about the lives of Madonna’s friends and dancers by filmmakers Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan.

This week, Attitude is catching up with the Blond Ambition boys ahead of the film’s release. Yesterday, they spoke with Slam, whose gay kiss was captured in Truth or Dare:

“I still get letters about that! Now everyone is kissing, but at the time people didn’t think it was cool. We were just being ourselves. But it inspired a lot of people just to be yourself, and express yourself. But we did it all without knowing what an impact it would have throughout the world.”

In their interview today with Kevin, he revealed how he almost turned down the job of a lifetime:

“I’d never really followed Madonna, I was more alternative rock. So I didn’t realise how famous or popular she was. I almost turned her down! I had other commitments. She negotiated my contract with me in person on the set of the 'Vogue' video, in between takes. She was like, ‘So you wanna go on tour with me?’ and I was like ‘Maybe, I’ll have to get back to you.' She was shocked! She said ‘What! What have you got?’ and I said, ‘Well I’m doing something with a woman I really like, called Marguerite’, and she was like ‘Fuck Marguerite!’”

In the end, it was Madonna who helped him realize that he was gay:

“For me, I wasn’t out. I didn’t really know what it was to be gay at that time. So when she started promoting (Truth or Dare) as ‘Madonna and her gay dancers,' I was thinking, ‘Well maybe I am gay.' It kind of took all the guess work out of it for me.”

Strike a Pose premieres on April 15 at Tribeca Film Festival.

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