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Watch: PARLOUR TRICKS Music Video Features Real-Life Gay Couple


Don’t get us wrong, we love a fictional romance, but when an on-screen couple is actually a couple IRL, we can’t help but fall in love a little more. You can thank PARLOUR TRICKS for this Friday jam that shows two guys falling in lurrrve at the grocery store. “Broken Hearts/Bones” is beautifully shot and choreographed—and we particularly dig the freezer section make-out.

Matt Burrow, one of the lucky gents, gave us the DL on the shoot:

“I had such fun filming with Parlour Tricks! Dani Brandwein was such a treat to work with as a director- she was clearly game for us to really play around, and just having that trust always makes it more fun. Every now and then I find a piece of popcorn in between my teeth and I wonder if it's leftover from our shoot. Sure I floss, but popcorn is a pain in the butt (okay, I found some in my underwear too).”

Burrow also talked about the gay subplot in the video:

"Broken Hearts/Bones" is such a human and relatable story for everyone, so I'm glad they wanted to include as many different "everyones" as possible. We're all human. We all go to the grocery store. We've all fallen in love and had our hearts broken. Hopefully we all haven't made quite a mess in a Key Foods in Brooklyn, but life's crazy! Anything can happen!

In other words: There is hope for you at the grocery store. Stay strong and shop the fresh produce aisle. 

Watch the music video below: 

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