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Call Me By Your Name Author On the Film's Version of 'The Peach Scene'

'Call Me By Your Name' Author On the Film's Version of the Peach Scene

"The Peach Scene" is one of Call Me By Your Name's most intense moments — both in the film and the novel it was based on. But while in the film Armie Hammer's character Oliver merely attempts to sample Elio's (Timothée Chalamet) homemade peaches and cream, in the novel he actually eats the entire peach.

In an interview for the Toronto International Film Festival, Call Me By Your Name author André Aciman explains that the peach scene is so important in part because “it’s so shocking. But also at the same time because it’s the most intimate moment between the two men.”

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“In the book, Oliver eats the peach,” Aciman adds. “And he says, ‘Because I want every part of you. If you are going to die, I want part of you to stay with me, in my system.’ And that’s the way I’m going to do it. In the film he just puts his finger and almost licks it. And that is good enough for cinema. We don’t need to see more. It is absolutely superlative.” Watch the interview below.

Aciman also reveals that the peach scene is so iconic that Tilda Swinton gushed about it when they met four years ago. “She had obviously read the book and the first thing that impressed her was the peach scene.” 

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