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Locker Room Talk Highlights Intersectional Feminism on a Women's B-Ball Team

Locker Room Talk

Elena Parasco's Locker Room Talk is a new short film celebrating the lives of female athletes on a basketball team as they navigate the dark cultural and political climate of a post-inaugural America. The film follows women inside their locker room and on the court.

"It was really important to me to capture the wake of energy happening right now," Parasco told i-D. "What it looks like to empower other women, each other. To listen, to focus, to empathize, to support, to respect, to hug out, to mess up. And how instead of being completely immobilized by recent events in today's emotional climate, how some of us turned inward, and leaned on each other. Becoming a stronger force than ever before."

The short was reportedly thought of after Parasco drove with her squad down to the Women's March in Washington last month, and features women empowering women who're boldly declaring their place in the resistance. Check out the short, below:

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