X-Men Director Bryan Singer Accused of Raping a 17-Year-Old Boy on a Yacht

Bryan Singer

In a shocking new development in the “every man in Hollywood is a creep” narrative of 2017, a lawsuit has been filed against X-Men director Bryan Singer for allegedly raping a 17-year-old boy on a yacht and then threatening him into silence.

In the lawsuit, Cesar Sanchez-Guzman alleges that the director offered to give him a tour of his yacht at a boat party near Seattle in 2003. Once he was on board, Singer cornered him in a room and allegedly forced the teen to perform oral sex before raping him, according to the text of the lawsuit, which was filed in Washington state court.

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Additionally, the lawsuit claims that the yacht was owned by wealthy tech investor Lester Waters, and that the party was attended by many young gay men. After being raped, Sanchez-Guzman claims that Singer threatened to ruin his reputation if he told anyone.

Sanchez-Guzman is asking for damages related to experiencing "severe psychological, mental and emotional injuries, shame, humiliation and loss of enjoyment of life."


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