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Witch, Please! Our 20 Favorite Things About Hocus Pocus

Witch, Please! Our 20 Favorite Things About Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus
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It might of been a theatrical flop, but the Sanderson Sisters still steal our heart every Halloween. 

It may have flopped in its theatrical release back in 1993, but Hocus Pocus has only gotten better with age. The generation that grew up with the Sanderson Sisters fondly appreciate their spookiness, campiness, and, well, all of it. Here are 20 of our favorite things about the film.

Bette Midler - Midler has taken well to Winifred Sanderson becoming one of her most iconic roles and most beloved by fans (she even told BBC in 2008 that it's her favorite film she's ever done). It's doubtful anyone knew how much of a cult classic the 90-minute movie would become, and especially how much the LGBT community would embrace it. Now, more than 20 years later, the worst witch working is still as spellbinding as ever. adore-delano

Kathy Najimy - Winifred and Sarah would have been in a lot more trouble without Kathy Najimy's Mary. Always the level-headed one in the group, Mary was not only the voice of reason and a shoulder to cry or complain on for Winnie, she was also the designated calming-circle former.

Hocus Pocus

Sarah Jessica Parker - For those that may not know, Hocus Pocus was five years before Sex and the City SJP. Her turn as the youngest, arguably prettiest Sanderson sister was fully of bubbly naivete. Midler and Parker kept their on-screen chemistry going when they co-starred in The First Wives Club together three years later in 1996. Hocus Pocus

Forcing the "virgin" conversation at a young age - For some reason, having virginity as a major plot point was allowed in Disney movies in 1993. Add "what's a virgin" to the list of other awkward questions I asked my babysitter when I was five. ab fab patsy stone trans

Jay and Ernie (ICE) - The Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of 1993 Salem, Jay and ICE hang out in graveyards, steal shoes, and harass trick-or-treaters. But thanks to a disrespectful display of misogyny, they end up locked in hanging cages in the Sanderson Sisters' house. Jay_and_ernice_hocus_pocus

Allison - An often overlooked female badass of the '90s, Allison not only slayed it in her colonial gown costume, but also knew when it was time to hit a witch with a tree branch. It's called balance. Hocus Pocus

Max - His laidback, tie-dyed point of view may not have won over the townspeople of Salem, but his bad-boy attitude and new kid persona made him very crush-worthy. Hocus Pocus

Dani - The annoying kid sister who helped get you into this whole mess and then fell in love with a cat. Also, Thora Birch.

Hocus Pocus

Mom's Madonna costume - Jenny Dennison knew how to turn it out for Halloween and her corset and cone bra deserve to be noted. Hocus Pocus

Sarah's dead man's toe and amok dances - How would they have diagnosed Sarah in 1693 before we had a name for ADHD? Hocus Pocus

Thackery Binx - The other teen cutie from the film who you only saw as a human when he was running into a forest and then as a ghost. Hocus Pocus

Witchy powers - What's better than actively shooting lightning from your fingertips, vocal hypnosis, and being able to smell when grubby little children are near? Hocus Pocus

"Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!" - Acceptable to use whenever you wake up hungover or on a particularly fair-weathered Monday. Hocus Pocus

The brooms -- Stolen then replaced by a mop and vacuum - It's still unclear if the children who stole the Sanderson Sisters' brooms (who were dressed as the sisters themselves) walked or flew away with them. But the later use of a mop by Sarah and vacuum cleaner by Mary is one of the best comedic moments in the film.

"Bless you" scream - What's more frightening than a cherub curtseying and wishing you blessings? Nothing, if you ask Sarah.

Master - Gary Marshall gave us one of the best unofficial Satans ever. Apparently, in all his diabolical power, Lucifer chooses to take on the guise of an elderly man dressed in red tights with headband-horns, because the sisters--who spent three centuries in Hell--didn't even think twice before they decided he was the real deal.

The 3 witch "on the hunt" sniffing and walking - One of the most reusable gifs from the film, you can repurpose this for just about anything--from looking for the nearest Starbucks, to having to sniff out pizza on your way homeHocus Pocus.

Sarah's Song - Nothing says "Halloween" like hypnotized children marching off to have their souls stolen.

Winifred's Song - Easily the most iconic moments in the film. Max's attempt to expose the sisters backfires when Winifred plays it off as an introduction to her musical number, which becomes a spell to make all the parents of Salem dance until they die. What better way to go out?

The book's eye opening at the end leaving room for a sequel - The Book (a gift from Satan himself!) was the one who came up with all the good ideas, Winnie just put them into practice. Apart from undoubtedly housing the song lyrics and magic behind "I Put a Spell On You," the Book's best moment was opening its single eye as the end credits rolled. Bette Midler is on board with a sequel, so how long is Disney going to make us wait? Hocus Pocus

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