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WATCH: Pink Moon is a Dark, Eerie Cinematic Achievement

Pink Moon Sal Bardo

We’ve obsessed over the trailer, and even heard what star Brandon Tyler Harris has to say offscreen, but now the wait is over: Pink Moon is finally available to stream online.

The short film, which made its web premiere last week, explores a world in which heterosexuality is condemned and abortion is strictly forbidden.

Written and directed by Sal Bardo [Requited (2010), Sam (2011), Chaser (2013)], the film follows a teenage heterosexual couple who must hide their relationship and abort a pregnancy in secret.

As chilling as it is cinematic, this seventeen-minute journey into a world of abuse, suicide and dangerous secrecy is definitely worth the watch. Viewers will find the bullying and oppression of heterosexuals all too familiar, although, of course, with the roles reversed.

Pink Moon is a beautifully constructed piece of art that forces even the most conservative thinker to question why violence and suppression of one’s self could ever be a good thing. Talks of expanding the short into a full-length feature are in the works.

Check out Pink Moon below.

Tags: Movies, Breaking

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