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Bryce Dallas Howard on Romancing Chris Pratt and Running from Dinos in Heels

Bryce Dallas Howard on Romancing Chris Pratt and Running from Dinos in Heels

Jurassic World

The actress opens up about Jurassic World

As Claire Dearing, a steely park operations manager of the dinosaur-filled island resort in Jurassic World, Bryce Dallas Howard is something of an anti-heroine. Even Director Colin Trevorrow likened her to a 1940s-era film noir actress, cloaked in an all-white getup that somehow also simultaneously pays homage to Richard Hammond (Richard Attenborough) and Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) in the first Jurassic Park film. But that's no reason to dislike her--or Bryce.

Claire ultimately sheds her icy exterior -- but never her heels! -- as she finds her inner courage (and compassion) to survive havoc created by the dinosaurs on the island. And she does so alongside Owen Grady, a velociraptor trainer played by Chris Pratt -- the hunky breakout star of Guardians of the Galaxy and former bearish goof, Andy Dwyer, on Parks and Recreation -- whom she ultimately finds herself locking lips with.

OK, now that may be a reason to hate--err, be jealous of--Claire, or Bryce, or both!

The 34-year-old actress opens up to Out about the charms of Chris and running from a Tyrannosaurus rex in a pair of heels.

How she managed filming the entire movie in heels:

It was really OK. No question, there were so many days where we're running through the jungle where I thought to myself, 'Oh man, how am I going to get from point A to point B?' But with heels in the jungle and mud you can't ever risk leaning back. You always have to run on your tippy toes... I need to find out the name of the heels--they weren't expensive--because they were so amazing! It was surprisingly OK. I took really good care of my feet. If you get a blister, it's kind of over. I was always wrapping my feet. I'm talking about it as if I was training for some Olympic show of athleticism.

On paying homage to Laura Dern's character, Ellie Sattler:

A thing that Chris once texted me--that was hilarious--was a photo of Laura Dern because we were talking about the costumes. He said, 'You better work in a pair of high-waisted khaki shorts, Bryce.'

On all the attention Chris Pratt is getting for his body:

He said the funniest thing, 'We're so used to seeing the objectification of women. One way to stop that is to focus on the objectification of men.' [Laughs.] It's so interesting to me, in a way the tide has turned. I did an interview with him and they were asking him about his body and what he eats and his weight. I was like, 'Oh my gosh! Chris, I didn't realize there was that level attention.'

And the reason why he's so loved:

He is a very attractive human being. But more than that, he's a beautiful, beautiful person. I think that's why he's so beloved. You can sense that he's not at all a person who's aware of how charismatic and talented he is. He's just, like, the best guy. There's nothing more handsome than a humble heart.

On locking lips with her co-star:

[The kiss] was spontaneous. That wasn't written in there... By the time we shot, Colin said, 'I think the characters are going to earn this. I think that it's good to have a moment like this.' It was funny because that day we were shooting there were 800 background artists. We had shot the scene in the way that it was written--there was no kiss. And then on the last day, that happened--what you see in the movie. After Colin yells cut, there was mountainous applause. Everyone was cheering. It was great!

Jurassic World opens nationwide Friday, June 12. Watch the trailer below:

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