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Nicole Kidman, Full of Grace

This summer, Nicole Kidman stars in the Lifetime movie Grace of Monaco (it premieres May 25), the story of Grace Kelly’s marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco. It’s the first time she’ll play a princess, but it will be her fourth time playing a Grace. So who is Kidman’s greatest Grace of all? A very critical assessment.

The Stiffest
"Grace," Saturday Night Live (1993)
One of Nicole’s most robotic performances ever. No, for real. She impersonates a robot in it.

Nicole Kidman

The Graceful-est
Grace Kelly, Grace of Monaco (2015)

Lady keeps a perfect smile. While walking down a huge flight of stairs. In a ball gown. Without tripping! If you don’t think that’s grace, you’re dead inside.

Nicole Kidman

The Bestest!
Grace Margaret Mulligan, Dogville (2003)
A Grace on the run who falls victim to some really horny Rocky Mountain menfolk. But who else could rock fur this effortlessly in a Lars von Trier film?
Nicole Kidman

The Worstest
Grace Stewart, The Others (2001)

This spookfest with a “twist” ending was basically a rip-off of The Sixth Sense — just browner!

Nicole Kidman
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