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Toni, Collected

Toni, Collected

Drew Berrymore

Starring with Drew Barrymore as wild cancer patient Milly in this month’s dramedy Miss You Already, Toni Collette talks skinny-dipping and gay fandom. 

You shave your head for this film. Was that terrifying?
Everyone thought I was going to find it traumatic. They even bought me a bottle of vodka. But it was actually the fifth time I'd shaved my head, and Milly is a ballsy woman.

Milly and Jess [Barrymore] have some wild adventures. What's the wildest thing you've done?
There are a few. Most involve nudity, nighttime, and a body of water. Interpret that any way you wish.

You've been in many queer films. Are you very aware of your gay fan base?
Yes, and I am most honored! When Muriel's Wedding came out in America, two boys in New York stopped me to squeal about it. It was overwhelming--like, Oh Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Wikipedia claims you faked appendicitis as a child and actually had your appendix removed. Your first grand performance?
It's weird, I know. I guess I wanted more attention. But Wikipedia also claims my real name is Antonia, which is absolutely not true.

Miss You Already is in theaters Nov. 6. Watch the trailer below:

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