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'Big Gay Love' Stars Jonathan Lisecki from 'Gayby’ & Nicholas Brendon

'Big Gay Love' Stars Jonathan Lisecki from 'Gayby’ & Nicholas Brendon

Following up writer-director Jonathan Lisecki’s indie romantic comedy Gayby, the film about a Manhattan single whom who recruits her gay male best friend (played by Matthew Wilkas) to have a baby with her the "old-fashioned way," is his next role in Big Gay Love.

Directed by Ringo Le, Big Gay Love stars Lisecki as Bob in a story about an overweight gay man who is comically challenged by the superficial gay dating scene. "People like me don't usually get to play the lead in a romantic comedy," says Lisecki, whose Gayby was nominated for Best First Screenplay at the Spirit Awards 2013. "I am proud to be part of the Big Gay Love family." 

"We are gay. We are straight. We are of different sexes, colors, and beliefs. But we came together to make this film because we share one common belief. Every single person deserves the same chance at finding love,” says Le. "I want that kid out there who might be thinking about taking his life to see his beauty in this film when the world is telling him otherwise. It is vital. It is important. Especially at this time.” Le also annouced that filming is completed, and the picture is expected to start the film festival circuit this summer 2013.


Starring opposite Lisecki is Nicholas Brendon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) as his "star crossed lover" Andy, whom helps Bob discover himself as he journeys on a path of learning what love truly means.

"I'm happy to be part of an independent gay film production that gives a deeper appreciation of the diversity in the LGBT community," says Brendon on his role, which isn't his first time playing gay.

In 2004, Brendon starred in TV movie Celeste in the City, which was about a small-town girl who moves to Manhattan and is taken under the wing of her gay cousin Dana, who also helps makes her over in a Queer Eye style. Brendon told Out in March 2004 that for the role, "I'm doing kind of a medley of the Queer Eye guys. I put them all in a pot, mixed it, and came out with Dana."

Below, watch teaser clips from Big Gay Love and commentary from some of the actors, and help finish production on the film by donating via Kickstarter.

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