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You're About to Get A Lot More Jonathan Capehart In Your Life

Jonathan Capehart in a suit.

New year, new host. 

As 2020 closed out MSNBC longtime contributor Jonathan Capehart became MSNBC permanent host Jonathan Capehart. After having served as a guest host for months on the AM Joy program — namesake Joy Reid had launched her own show on the primetime lineup — Capehart was getting his very own name gig in The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart. Now, the two-time Out100 honoree also been announced as a regular contributor to PBS Newshour, succeeding Mark Shields.

“Following a giant like Mark Shields and becoming part of the PBS Newshour family is a double honor," Capehart said in a statement of the new Friday segment which will be known as Brooks & Capehart. "And I can’t think of a better person with whom to hash out the future of our nation and our politics than David Brooks.”

The moves come as a part of an award-winning career. Born in Newark, New Jersey, Capehart was raised in Hazlet. When announcing his new MSNBC show last month on-air, Capehart called himself a "bighead kid" who wanted to be a journalist as early as age 10. 

"I was fascinated that people had jobs telling other people's business so I became a huge news nerd," he said. His uncle happened to be an electrician and through happenstance, while going to work with him one day Capehart was put in touch with the Today Show team, where he would do two internships before coming back in 1992 as a researcher.

Capehart was also a New York Daily News editorial writer after workign himself up to the role of deputy editorial page editor. He won a Pulitzer Prize while there and joined the Washington Post editorial board in 2007 — he is still a columnist with the publication today. He got back into television as well, joining Hardball with Chris Matthews on a weekly basis. 

"On December 23, 2010, I guest anchored the Dylan Ratigan show, the first time I ever anchored a national television show," he said last month. "And now, today, just 10 days shy of 10 years later, I am the anchor of my own show." Capehart's broke voice as he spoke.

"By telling you all these details of my journey here, I'm hoping you understand just how meaningful this moment is for me," he continued. "A bighead boy from New Jersey with a dream and no roadmap, only the love and encouragement from my mom and family who patiently listened as I dreamed aloud including an uncle whose kindness put me on the right path." He went on to thank his mother and uncle who believed in his abilities even when he didn't. He also thanked his husband Nick Schmit, who he married in 2017. 

"Thank you to my husband Nick, my darling husband Nick, who when the pandemic hit jumped in to be my in-house producer, florist, barber, and makeup artist," he said. "He's my fiercest champion." Capehart also has his "Cape Up" podcast which is ongoing.

Congratulations Jonathan Capehart. We can't wait to see you all 2021 and beyond.

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