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8 Engagement Styling Tips from Tiffany & Co.

8 Engagement Styling Tips from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Engage Lead

Celebrate marriage equality with the iconic jewelry brand

As marriage equality continues to sweep the country, more and more same-sex couples are considering engagement. But of course, popping the big question requires preperation -- and Tiffany & Co. is here to help. These are a few tips and ideas to consider as you approach this magical life moment.

1. If you choose the traditional ring route, do you want to go classic or sparkly? The classic Lucida Wedding Band comes solid or with a diamond.


2. If you've chosen to forgo the rock, just how simple do you want your ring to be? There's a range of styles, including some that offer a blend of alloys. From left to right: The Lucida Wedding Band in platinum, the Milgrain Wedding Band Ring in gold, the Band Ring in rose gold and platinum, and the Milgrain Wedding Band Ring in platinum.

Tiffany Rings

3. And if you've decided to go ahead and dazzle -- after all, diamonds are everyone's best friend! -- you have to think about how many rocks you want. From left to right: The Lucida Band Ring has a single, gorgeously set diamond, while the Atlas Ring in rose gold has three, and the Tiffany Metro Ring in white gold is dripping in them.

Diamonds Tiffanys

4. What material would make the ring truly special? Tiffany bands can come in gold or platinum, like these (from left to right) Etoile Band Rings, or rose gold like this Lucida Band Ring, and white gold like the Tiffany Metro Ring.

T Colors

5. What's the right thickness for your hand? From left to right: The Band Ring in rose gold and platinum is 2mm wide, the Tiffany Wedding Band in platinum is 4mm, Lucida Wedding Band is 4.5mm, and the Lucida Band Ring with a diamond is 6mm.


6. There are a number of theories about how much you should spend on an engagement ring. Some say one month's salary, some say three months, and others say whatever you could comfortably afford to misplace. However you want to approach it, Tiffany has a range of prices. From left to right, the 2mm Lucida Wedding Band in gold is $750, the Tiffany Metro Ring is $2100, and the 6mm Lucida Band Ring comes in at $4000.


7. And then of course, you have to think about whether the engagement ring is going to function as a wedding band as well. If not, you can double it up by starting with something thin and diamond-studded, like the Tiffany Metro Ring, and then adding a simpler band on the wedding day, maybe even the dual alloy Band Ring.


8. If you are not a ring-exchanging couple, check out some alternative options. The Circle Cuff Links, available in gold (shown) and sterling silver, are a great bet for a guy who regularly dons a tux. For something with a bit more weight to it, Tiffany has a gorgeous range of watches, like this 3-Hand 37.5 mm piece in rose gold.

Tiffany Alternative

With that all done, now you just have to figure out what to wear, what to say, and where to say it. Proposals are beautiful and deeply personal statements. No matter how you want to celebrate your engagement, Tiffany has the perfect piece.

Check out all the timeless pieces Tiffany has to offer.

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