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Summer Shaving


Getting a clean, classic look, whether you're taking it all off or keeping your beard.

In the winter, some men tend to like getting rather woolly in the facial-hair department -- so what to do when summer rears its head? Meticulously craft your facial hair, or decide to make a clean break of it? Below, we'll take a look at what trends are in vogue when it comes to facial hair, tips for protecting your skin, and how to get that ideal shave.

Preparation Is Key
Before shaving, exfoliate your skin to clean away dirt and oil. Use a facial scrub to dislodge any skin cells that might prevent getting the closest possible shave. Afterwards, it's wise to hydrate your skin with warm water for one or two minutes by resting a damp face cloth over your skin. This helps open your pores and will prevent razor burn.

Old-School Revival
Lately, there's been a massive resurgence in the popularity of old-fashioned barber, straight-razor shaves. Something about the no-frills, no-fuss sensibility is timeless in its appeal -- and the fact that these are still some of the closest shaves you'll ever get is an added bonus. Make sure to find a barber with steady hands.

The Goatee Has Got to Go
The fact of the matter is, goatees are looking a little tired these days. Do yourself a favor and avoid them!

Throw Away the Dull Blades
They'll cause your skin to become red and irritated. For the best shave, shaving oils provide great skin protection, softening the hair and making it that much easier to trim.

The Mustache Is Back
Young men are really going for mustaches again, from the luster of ' 70s-style 'staches to eye-catching affairs that make one look mysterious and inspectoral. The adventurous are encouraged to give the mustache a good-old college try.

Beard of Burden
A heavy beard can afford you some extra warmth in the winter months, but they can become a nuisance during the dog days of summer. We recommend keeping the beard down to a minimum -- although in some cases a chinstrap beard or "Honest Abe"-style beard might just do the trick.

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