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mustache styles

Whoever said that the bearded homo is a finished trend needs to think again. The mustachioed homo? Yes please. Out tracks the stylists, barbers, lumbersexuals, and scruffy boys leading the brigade in male grooming, and has all the best style tips for the modern beard aficionado. Wear a mustache that would make Rhett Butler jealous.

Mid-Movember Check-In: Mustache Grooming Tips

Every Tuesday, select Fellow Barber and Floyd's Barbershops locations are offering free shaves for men to keep their mustaches groomed throughout November.

Meet Matthew Zink, Winner of The Sexiest Moustache Poll

The designer gives his own grooming tips, talks about freelancing for Tom Ford, and dishes out spoilers on his new collection

Sexy Whiskers

Grooming tips for a dashing upper lip

Summer Shaving

Getting a clean, classic look, whether you're taking it all off or keeping your beard.

Gay Men, Queer Women, and the Cultural History of the Mustache

In honor of a new book on the 'stache, here are 31 gay or bi folks who rock facial hair.