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Looking for a great summer haircut? It might sound strange, but the key is to think hard and fast about the shape of your head.

A few do's and don'ts for finding that perfect 'do.

Square Face
If you have an angular face, you'll look good in haircuts that emphasize the square shape. Otherwise, you might look a little thicker around the jaw and chin. The flattop or a bedheady faux-hawk, are both good ways to go. Keeping your hair long can go a long way in framing your face, and leaving hair longer on the top than on the sides will add texture.

Rectangular Face
Once again, you're going to want a haircut that brings out the natural, er, "boxiness" of your head. Long bangs or a layered look will be most successful, particularly if your jawline is a little soft. Another way to detract from a soft jawline is with a meticulously groomed beard, which will shorten an overly rectangular head.

Oblong Face
The goal is to make sure your actual hairline is never particularly angular or obvious. A layered cut is often the best answer, allowing a spill of hair to conceal your natural hairline. Wearing your hair extremely close to your head will soften your look, as will a squared-off cut that levels the sides with the top.

Round/Oval Face
What we're after here is a look that slenderizes. Waves and curls at eye level can help minimize a full face, as can slightly off-center hair parts. Beards can be styled to make the face appear more oval. And if you happen to have an oval face, long hair will work particularly well on you. Another way to narrow a round face is with square shapes, like a flattop.

Triangular Face
You want a look that de-emphasizes your chin. The best thing to do is have your the hair closely cropped at the crown and near the temples, keeping it a little longer and fuller at the back. Another option is a more tousled look, with hair pushed forward, a little fuller on the sides, and bangs sweeping across your forehead and over your eyes.

Pear/Diamond Face
If you happen to have a pear-shaped face, you can easily balance out your look by maintaining fullness at the crown and around the temples. A diamond-shaped face works well with deep, full bangs, giving a broader appearance to the top of your head as it softens the pointed forehead.

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