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Watch This Grandma Come Out Proving It's Never Too Late


It's truly never too late!

In a new TikTok video that's been going viral — don't they all — an older woman comes out to her granddaughter. Prior to the clip, the pair were having a conversation and the woman made an admission that Aimee felt needed to be recorded.

"I said if I ever got involved with anybody again, it wouldn't be a man, it would be a woman," the woman said simply when confronted with the camera. "I do like women, i like women much more than men." Well then!

But Aimee had some questions. Was this a sort of sisterly love? Do you enjoy just the social company of women? Or "do you like prefer women's bodies?"

"I think so, yeah" the grandmother answered after a pause. "I think boobs are nice."

"I think the penis ... not that keen on it." Thank you for your candor!

When Aimee asked about the age range of the grandmother's ideal woman they narrowed down to "late 60s" which prompted Aimee to call her a "cougar."

"I just like women anyhow," the grandma replied. "I've never liked men that much."

But sadly, don't expect for her to be swiping away on Tinder, or out on dates any time soon.

"At the moment Aimee, all I want to do is survive," the grandma said at the end of the clip. And with the ongoing global pandemic, that's an effort in and of itself.

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