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This Brand Wants to Pay Couples $3,000 to Test Mattresses

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With quarantine still going strong — ok there's quite a bit of things opening up but a lot is still closed — people have been continually finding ways to busy themselves at home. Home improvement projects, nurturing plants, working out, you know the good stuff. We've also been increasingly working from home, doing conference calls from Zoom, and otherwise telecommuting. Well, Sleep Standards is hoping to get you to do another type of working from home.

The company is currently on the look out for a few good couples who are up for testing mattresses. Yes, only couples. Five lucky couples will be selected to get a mattress every week and the expectation is that the couples must submit feedback on how the mattresses hold up, for sex. Yes, we are quite a few months into quarantine and having been locked in with your significant (or insignificant other) may have taken the spice out of things, but maybe these mattresses can bring it back. And if they don't? At least you'll get $3,000 out of it. 

The gig is in celebration of National Couple Day. And you don't have to worry about everyone knowing that you're getting paid to have sex (which, there's nothing to be ashamed of if you are) as you can do it all anonymously. A job description encourages the couples to "get as intimate as you want."

This isn't for the faint of heart though: the program lasts over the span of eight weeks, with couples being sent the "top 8 mattresses for sex currently on the market." You'll be asked to rate bounciness, noise, firmness, edge support, comfort, cooling, and give an overall score. In addition to the $3,000 in cash, you get to keep one of the mattresses for free.You can apply on the Sleep Standards site now through September 15.

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