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YouPorn Offers $100,000 to Build Gloryholes in Canada

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In this new world order we are forced to look at every little bit of human interaction with skepticism. Could this little part of my daily life contribute to me contracting the virus at the center of the sometimes-fatal global pandemic? Governments around the world have been issuing social distancing guidelines and quarantine orders; don't leave your home unless you have to, wear masks, stay six feet away from one another. The process has rightfully caused some to question what sex looks like these days. Well, YouPorn has some thoughts — and cash — to help with that.

While porn sites have been seeing some crazy spikes in usage, many socially-distanced adults have been looking for more tactile solutions. This has led to some places like New York and others to release guidelines on having sex while quarantined. They've suggested masturbation, or only connecting with people you're only quarantined with. Then last month New York went so far as to suggest incorporating masks or barriers into acts. And while we could read between the lines, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control in Canada, told citizens, in no uncertain terms, to consider glory holes.

“Sex can be very important for mental, social, and physical well-being,” they wrote in their guidelines. “Use barriers, like walls (eg, glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact.” Sounds more like a return to an old world order than new, no?

As many glory holes have been closed or destroyed, YouPorn is stepping up to do their public health duties. 

"At YouPorn, we highly value the importance of considerate sexual exploration and release in our daily lives, even more so during [this pandemic,]" the company's vice president Charlie Hughes wrote in an open letter. "We are aligned with the BC CDC and would like to extend an offer of our support in an effort to continue to flatten the curve without forgoing sexual pleasure. To help provide people with a safe option for engaging in sexual activity, we would like to offer the province of British Columbia a grant of $100,000 to support the building of glory holes across the province."

If they don't want to take on the project, we will.


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