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This New Shop Has Hunky, Shirtless Baristas Serving Espresso

shirtless baristas

We need a franchise stat!

If coffee or espresso alone wasn't enough to wake you up in the mornings, a new coffee shack has got a little extra in store to get you going.

Opened Friday, the new Dreamboyz Espresso has gone the Chippendales route, offering a bit to drink and a show. Customers can come up to the drive-through spot to have an espresso pulled and while they wait, watch one of the "boyz" do the job while shirtless. They will have on clothes to be sure, some short shorts and a bow tie, but clothes!

So far the Seattle, Washington-based spot has two "boyz" named Ja'shaun and Brandon. In case you wanted a preview of who these guys are before you trek however far it may be to judge the quality of their pulls, Instagram is there in your time of need.

Yep, those are the boys!

The new shop opened to replace Ladybug Espresso, a shack run on a similar idea: it boasted girls in bikinis. But, it didn't take off as it should have apparently. "We tried to do the bikini thing but unfortunately it just didn't work," a representative for the Ladybug Espresso bikini barista chain told Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. So they brought in the boys.

Fun fact: in America, the idea of the "sexspresso stand" got its beginnings in Seattle. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the idea began to percolate in various iterations before really blossoming in 2007. But at the time it was mostly just women in bikinis (sometimes a little less). The boys got into the fray in 2010 with a shop called Barista Boyz.

Opened in Capitol Hill -- that's where the gays are in Seattle -- in January 2010, Barista Boyz was initially just a spot with cute male baristas serving smiles and good pulls. But by March they had reworked the format, doing a "grand opening" featuring shirtless men with six-packs. Since they were located by a school, the baristas wore shirts until 3pm each day, and then shucked them after. But the business closed in May of that year due to "unforeseen circumstances," and was later converted into a to-go Thai hut. The effort was followed up on in 2014 when the Spokane-based Hot Cup of Joe opened. There, the men wore "cute, classy underwear" -- but that's hetero-speak, because it was really like boxer and boxer brief waistbands visible under jeans from what we can tell. It lasted for at least five months.

Maybe Brandon, Ja'Shaun, and a new crop of boyz (they are still hiring) can help circumvent those circumstances! Even if they can't, we certainly don't mind watching while they try.

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