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We Found the Muscle Guy Behind Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale

Quentin Dolan

An 'Out' investigation.

Here at Out we love a little PDA. Honestly, truly, we do! Few things can steal our attention from a nice smooch, even one of the heterosexual variety. Except, well, a man with muscles.

Monday morning, photos started circulating on social media of Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale at the Rangers game. Why? Public displays of affection. And while that was cute and all, every media report seemed to bury the lede: Who, exactly, was that muscled Thor of a man sitting behind the pair of them?!

In the most popular shots of the smooch, the figure in question sits beheaded, muscles seemingly trying to escape a ribbed crew neck sweater -- his forearms did escape in fact. But other shots revealed more: dimples, dark hair, and a little facial scruff. And more muscle. More. Muscles.

The call for the identity of this man was pretty instant on what we all know affectionately as "gay Twitter." But the details were slim. Was he a bodyguard? That seemed the obvious answer. Big hulking mass of a man sitting over Beckinsale's shoulder, seemingly watching her intently. He's clearly watching over her. Except, she's been photographed with bodyguards that don't look anything like this guy.

Zooming out for context, Antoni from Queer Eye, Rami Malek, and Christian Slater are all also nearby. Nothing really helpful there. Antoni looks pretty devastated and confused about what's happening. While some have posited it's a reaction to the canoodling to his left, it could just as likely be him racking his brain, trying to find out who this mystery man is. Totally, more likely.

Searches on Twitter for pertinent terms -- "Kate Beckinsale behind," "Kate Beckinsale muscle guy," "my possible future husband" -- turned up very little. But then there was one tweet. There's always one tweet!

"No bs -- that's James Dolan's son," it read. This, is what we call a break. James Dolan is the billionaire owner of the Knicks. Why the son of the owner of the Knicks was at a Rangers game, I'm not entirely sure, but that is literally immaterial to this investigation. A few Google searches and a couple of DMs later and there he is: Quentin Dolan.

There's not much we know about Quentin honestly. From his Instagram stories it seems he's a fan of dogs, from his bio we can tell he lives in New York, and well ... there's that body. The feed is practically dedicated to building it. Sculpting it. We appreciate you Quentin.

Obviously as true journalists we have reached out to Dolan in an effort to get concrete confirmation, but according to our source, who alleges he once went to school with him: this is our guy.

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[instagram expand=1 site_id=25879314]

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