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Talking Armpits With Eric Rutherford

Eric Rutherford
Courtesy of Dove Men+Care

Instagram's favorite silver fox shares his grooming routine and tells Out how he keeps 'cool, calm, and collected' 

One of the most sought-after faces in men's fashion right now, model Eric Rutherford is also a busy event planner and an editor for At Large magazine who got his break organizing perfect parties for Hollywood's gliteratti. After conducting an in-depth analysis of what makes Rutherford's salt-and-pepper mane so great (read it here), we caught up with the multi-talented LA hunk to ask him how he stays cool in the summer.

Out: When you meet someone important in your day-to-day life, how do you stay ready?

Eric Rutherford: For me, meeting people is always about staying 'cool, calm, and collected,' whether it's a stranger on the street or a celebrity that inspires you. At the end of the day, they're people too.

What tricks do you use to stay fresh?

During the summer, I like taking a cold shower. It wakes me up, and it gets my skin alert. It also allows me to cool off quicker when I get out of the shower.

What steps do you follow in your grooming routine?

I always use Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream with SPF 30 (1.7 oz, $54). I use that all over my body. Since we talked about hair grooming, I was going to mention: I actually don't wash my hair very often. It tends to dry it out. In the summer, I'll just rinse it well in the shower, and use a little styling cream like Kiehl's Creme with Silk de Groom (3.4 fl. oz., $16) or some mousse.

What about perspiration? How do you keep your armpits on check?

I get dressed before I put on my antiperspirant. It's my final touch. That and my Santal 33 by Le Labo (3.4 fl. oz, $260). It's my go-to fragrance. Also, try to go for white or dark colors, to hide sweat spots.

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Do you have a rule in terms of trimming those hidden parts of your body?

I believe in trimming everywhere (laughs). I think every man, especially as they grow older, should pay attention to it. I do my own ears, nose, and eyebrows. I like a bit of hair, but I think whether it's under your arm or elsewhere, it helps keep irritation down.

What's your go-to deodorant?

I like to keep things as light as possible under there. I use the Dove Men+Care 48h Anti-perspirant Extra Fresh (2.7 oz, $6). One of the great things about the Dove Men+Care deodorant is that there's a little moisturizer in there. It keeps your skin dry and smooth, so there's no chance that sweat will get your underarms more irritated.

How do you avoid those nasty white marks that tend to appear when you use antiperspirant?

I put a little on at a time. Sometimes when you're running around between appointments, you don't have time to go home and shower and change. When I don't have time to do that, I'll carry the stick with me in my bag, along with a small Evian mineral spray (2x 1.7 oz, $15 at Sephora) just to refresh before I go to a cocktail party or something. If I run out of it, I just splash a bit of water over my face, and add a bit of antiperspirant.

Stress is also a big factor when it comes to sweat. How do you stay zen?

There are three things that I like to do. One: Take a breath. Especially in event planning, things can build and people get nervous and excited. In my job, I need to remain the most calm and be the leader. Always cool, calm, and collected. So breathe. Two: I'll spray Le Labo or some deodorant to get that fresh feel before an event. The last thing is: Smile. I always think a smile really goes a long way.

Follow Eric Rutherford on Instagram @mrrutherford9

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