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Ask the Beauty Biologist: 3 Easy Steps For Ageless Skin

Raffaele Ruberto
Raffaele Ruberto

Skincare expert Raffaele Ruberto tells you how to get your best face forward for the sunny days.

As a beauty biologist, Raffaele Ruberto has scoured the shelves of laboratories around the world, meticulously deconstructing existing skincare products on the market, and creating his own bio-friendly skincare line. After testing more than 2,500 active and organic ingredients tested, and drinking copious amounts of kale smoothies, Ruberto is here to answer all your skin care needs.

From Gregory, celebrity hairstylist:

Dear Raffaele,

I'm a skincare junkie and have an arsenal full of lotions and potions, but I've noticed an overwhelming amount of dull and dehydrated skin this winter, as well as stubborn wrinkles rearing their ugly heads. I want to be able to walk into a room, especially when I'm on air or meeting someone for the first time, and feel confident about my skin. Basically, I want people to keep asking me for ID when I buy a cocktail. How can I get ageless-looking skin, quickly?

Raffaele Ruberto:

Hi Gregory,

I'm inundated with requests like yours: 'How can I get red carpet-ready skin, with minimal effort and in a short amount of time?' Here, I'll convey the gold standard for getting younger looking skin, within minutes. Even when you don't have the luxury of sleep, or when you're paying the price of last night's rendezvous, these three easy steps will rescue any dull complexion.

Step 1: Peel Away The Horny

For well-hydrated, luminous, smooth skin, start by using a chemical exfoliant. This will peel away the outermost layer of dead skin cells, including the stratum corneum, also called the "horny layer." Once the old dull skin cells are out, water-retention instantly increases, and collagen synthesis is boosted. I recommend Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel Pads ($16, available at Sephora), three hours before your big event. For a more intensive at-home peel, try Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme Peel ($250, available at Barneys) a day or two before the event.

Step 2: Drink Your Greens

Cruciferous, green vegetables such as kale, swiss chard, and dandelion are chock-full of oxygenating and purifying chlorophyll, which is great for the skin. I recommended drinking a variety of green juices daily: It floods the body with essential hydration, copious amounts of bio-available oxygen, and helps cleanse toxins in the blood and skin. You should try Blue Print's Green Juice. loaded with organic kale, organic celery, and organic spinach ($65 for a 6-pack, at All you need is a great juicer. I love the smart Philips Micro Juicer Elite ($499, available at which preserves the integrity of enzymatic activity and trace nutrients of fresh vegetables.

Step 3: Read The Labels

Topical skin care solutions for instant firming, hydrating, and sculpting should include three major ingredients with rather complicated names: hyaluronic acid, DMAE, and hydrolyzed collagen. Hyaluronic acid, also used in dermal fillers at your plastic surgeon's office, is essential for lubrication within the collagen and elastin matrix, essential for giving instantly imparting a luminous look. DMAE, or dimethylaminoethanol, is a naturally derived agent responsible for energizing dermal cells. Products with DMAE help redefine the contours of the face, sculpting the jaw line, neck-line, and cheekbones, instantly. Finally, hydrolyzed collagen provides cushion to the skin's overall structure, imparting a firm, hydrated, and resilient skin texture.

You'll find some in my No. 9 Ageless Eye + Face Serum ($90, at, which has both instant and cumulative anti-aging benefits. I also recommend taking hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen supplements daily, such as Resverage's Collagen Booster ($42,, to keep your face wrinkle-free.

Send your skin care questions to Raffaele at
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