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The Real Housewives of Dubai season 2 is in full swing & Lesa Milan is spilling ALL the tea

The Real Housewives of Dubai season 2 is in full swing & Lesa Milan is spilling ALL the tea

The Real Housewives of Dubai season 2 is in full swing & Lesa Milan is spilling ALL the tea
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The fan favorite Real Housewives of Dubai starlet chats with Out about former bestie Chanel Ayan, her shady remark to Shereé during BravoCon, and which Housewives she thinks are the most stylish.

The girls who are sleeping on The Real Housewives of Dubai are being woken up, because the second season is now in full swing and the girls are clocking in!

The sandy city assassins have their claws and expensive garments out as the ladies of Dubai are ready to stamp their status as a promising franchise. One of the breakout stars of the series, Lesa Milan, is already solidifying herself as a fan favorite in the Bravoverse with her iconic taglines, sharp comebacks, witty delivery, and, of course, showcasing herself as a successful businesswoman, wife, and mommy of three.

In a fun, colorful conversation with Out, Milan discusses her relationship with former bestie Chanel Ayan, her shady remark to Shereé during BravoCon, and which Housewives have the best fashions.

Out: It’s been 2 years since we’ve seen Dubai on air — what was the reason for the delay and how will season two draw back in old and new fans for its latest shenanigans?

Lesa Milan: You’re gonna have to take that one up with Bravo, Ty (laughs). I’m not sure about the delays because we’ve also been waiting. We filmed this season months ago. I'll say this: my dear, its gonna be worth the wait. I feel like season one was like, the warm up and season two is where we showed up to work baby.

Let’s take it back to BravoCon, where we saw you all together again and it hurt the fans to learn our “frick and frack” duo with you and Chanel Ayan are no longer. What is the root of the problem between you both and is it a friendship that can be repaired?

Well, to be honest, I don't really know where it began, but I'll say it caught me by surprise. I had no idea the finale would end the way it did, but in the world of reality, it was epic. In reality for us, though, it was so sad and heartbreaking. So you guys are gonna have to wait until towards the end, but it plays out a few episodes that lead to, like, the big bang. It’s very disappointing. It’s like a relationship breaking up in a way, but here we are more fabulous than ever.

In the beginning of the season, it seems that you and Caroline Stanbury are in a good place. Does this take a turn throughout the season?

That's a good choice of word – iffy. I’ll say this... episode one and two, you see that I was genuinely trying with her. If you say you're sorry, I believe you until you do it again and you only get one chance with me. I can show you more than I can tell you and I expect the same thing. I don't feel like anything with her really ruffles my feathers because we're not that close, you know? I feel like with [Chanel Ayan], it's a lot different because we were literally best friends.

Who would you say are you allies this season?

To be honest, and I'm not tooting my own horn, but I can see why they would be jealous of me. I'm the youngest, prettiest, most successful, hottest husband, badass, and beautiful kids. I would hate me, too (laughs). I really just be showing up as me, you know, and you either f*** with it or you don't. I feel like I'm not here to, like, water myself down for anybody to digest for it to be digestible for anybody else. I feel like I'm in a good place with everybody on my cast. Do I need to be posting them 24/7 – no, I'm not on that fake girl b's. I keep it real, and that's all I can be. You’re not gonna see me with any fake friendships and all of that. I'm cool with all the girls – the only person that I personally feel like I have an issue with is Ayan.

Caroline Brooks is shaking up the table and seems to be shifting the dynamics in the group, especially with the group’s interest with your thoughts on Chanel and Caroline’s friendship?

I still don't think it's real – how can I have a problem with something that's not real? I mean, I think everyone on social media can see right through it. I feel nothing because it's not real. I think season one, Brooks was, you know, the messy bone collector. I think season two, you're gonna get to see a different side of her. I’m not saying that I trust her – I think she is working on herself. I cannot be mad at someone who wants to change for the better. I’m cool with her. We're around the same age group so when we go out, it’s a vibe. We both moved here from the US, so we have that bond and with the other girls, we don't share that with them. What you see is what you get with that one and I can take a girl like that. You don't tell her your business, but you can turn up with her.

Let’s take it back to BravoCon to the "Shades Assassins" moment between you and Shereé. Have you and Shereé spoken since then and are we good?

I have not spoken to her, but I love Shereé. You know, they asked me a question, it’s the "Shade Assassins" stage. I threw my shade so... (laughs)

She hasn’t been asked back to The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season. Do you think she will be missed?

I did – I’m a huge housewives fan. I’m excited for this new revamped version – I think we kind of need to get back, and this is not just for Atlanta, but back to when it was fun shade, but it's a group of friends that love each other. They're showing luxury and it’s aspirational. I feel like sometimes they go so low that even for us as the fans, we're kind of like, really? You're gonna go after somebody's marriage? We’re not tuning into that. We kind of want to escape our own reality, you know, when we tune in. I feel like Beverly Hills kind of got off track as well. I think Miami is the best one. The force to be reckoned with will be Dubai, especially when season two airs. Miami is definitely like an underdog type of franchise, similar to Dubai. I feel like Miami still stays true to that with the glitz, the glamour, and the fashions.

Aside from yourself, who do you think has the best fashions in the Real Housewives universe? Name your top 5.

Erika Jayne, Dorit, Guerty, Monique Samuels, and Wendy Osefo. It could be also because Wendy and I have the same stylist. Wendy is serving all the looks, the cute baby dolls, everything.

Who did you click with the MOST during your time at BravoCon and who would you say is not your cup of tea and why?

So I would say I clicked with everyone and at the time while everyone seemed to be against her, I really clicked with Monica from Salt Lake City and Erika Jayne. Monica and I rode in a car together and at the time, I didn’t watch Salt Lake City yet because in Dubai, we get the seasons late. She was filling me in on the car ride and how the girls don’t really mess with her and stuff, but the Salt Lake City girls keep things under wrap so well so things don’t get leaked. She was super nice and she wore the black poofy sleeve shirt from my collection, Mina Roe. I didn't get weird vibes from her – I got a genuine nice girl. I know she's in a hot seat, and unfortunately, she's not there anymore. I'm not for cyberbullying, and I have been cyberbullied, but to be honest, so many girls on these shows buy bots to bully their castmates – I feel like if you're gonna punish her, you should punish other people too. But then, we would have to prove it, right? (laughs). I think she actually saved the franchise, but that’s just my take. She saved it from beginning to end, sleeping with the brother in law, everything. Me and Rihanna need to get on a panel, because I feel like I can sit and talk Bravo and Housewives all day, and she can too.

Which franchise do you think Rihanna would thrive on?

I would say Miami because of the Caribbean flare, but she likes to take risks with her fashion and the Dubai girls, we're over the top, and I feel like she would just blend in and be over the top with us. So I would say for Rihanna, it would be Dubai or Miami, although the girls on Dubai are too sensitive.

A busy woman first! How has Mina Roe expanded since you first introduced it to the Bravo world and what are some new things we can expect?

So when I first introduced it, it was a maternity brand solely. At the time, we only did maternity fashion, and we were kind of tapping into playing with ready to wear for post pregnancy. We’ve delved into skincare so we're covering because maternity skin wear is in too. So we now have belly oils for stretch marks and belly masks. We don’t have anything for men but I need to send you a t-shirt because it is unisex.

Your mom is in Dubai and you already put her to work. How has it been having a helping hand around? Is she there now?

No, she's returned home, but we are very close to convincing her to retire. My mom is just really happy in her career and she's just not ready to retire but the kids are getting older and I think she's even closer now to moving here because I've been leading my case for the last year so I think we’re on to something.

How has the season been without Nina. How has the group dynamic navigated without her presence and the introduction of Taleen?

We will always miss her and she’s irreplaceable. Nina is more calm and reserved, and Taleen is like a big ball of energy. So I think Taleen brings the energy, the extra energy, not that we even needed energy, because I feel between Ayan and me, I feel like we already have Brooks. She seems like a fun girl.

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo and streams next day on Peacock.

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