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Ben Aldridge Thought Dave Bautista Was Going to Be His Knock at the Cabin Hubby

Ben Aldridge Thought Dave Bautista Was Going to Be His Knock at the Cabin Hubby

Knock at the Cabin
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Ben Aldridge thought Dave Bautista was going to be playing his “daddy gay bear” partner.

Knock at the Cabin was almost a slightly different film.

Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Knock at the Cabin tells the story of gay couple Eric (Jonathan Groff) and Andrew (Ben Aldridge) meeting a mysterious stranger called Leonard (Dave Bautista). During the audition process, however, Aldridge was under the impression that Bautista was playing Groff’s character instead.

Aldridge shared the hilarious story during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly :

“All it said on the email that I got was Dave Bautista was in the film. So I was doing this entire audition thinking I was auditioning to be his younger boyfriend and that Dave was going to be this total daddy gay bear. I remember saying to Night in an actor-y way, ‘I’ve never seen Dave play a part like this kind of sensible father figure before. It feels like a real departure.’ He was like, ‘What are you saying? ... Dave isn’t playing Eric. Are you mad?’ It really affected the way I was playing the scenes. A little bit like, ‘Hey, daddy!’”

For his part, Bautista doesn’t think that he was well-suited to play the character that Groff had been cast for. “I can tell you it would’ve been not as good because there’s no way I could have tackled that role the way Jonathan Groff did,” Bautista told EW.

The main storyline of Knock at the Cabin is teased as a family’s dilemma between saving themselves and saving the world. But considering that Shyamalan is well-known for making movies that are full of twists and turns, viewers can expect to be gooped and gagged by the plot of the film.

Even though Bautista does not play a “daddy gay bear” in Knock at the Cabin, we now kind of want to see him play one!

Knock at the Cabin is now in theaters.

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