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Hugh Grant Confirms He's 'Married to James Bond' in Glass Onion

Hugh Grant Confirms He's 'Married to James Bond' in Glass Onion

Glass Onion

Now where's the joint TikTok account?

Daniel Craig and Hugh Grant have been confirmed as the fictional power couple of the century.

The two appear as husbands in the new Knives Out sequel Glass Onion. Before the film premiered in theaters or was available on streaming, it was previously confirmed by writer and director Rian Johnson that Blanc is gay.

In the film, we get the slightest glimpse into Blanc's home life and meet Philip, his partner played by the one and only Hugh Grant. But while their relationship is heavily implied, some folks missed it or are outright denying it.

Grant put all that to rest. "It is true, I'm married to James Bond," the 62-year-old told Collider. "It's the tiniest little moment. I don't really know why they wanted to do it but anyway, I thought Knives Out 1 was brilliant, and so yeah, I thought why not? I turn up for a few hours..."

There are actually two Hugh Grant moments in the movie. The first is at the beginning of the film when Blanc is in the bathtub playing Among Us with Angela Lansbury, Natasha Lyonne, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and the late Stephen Sondheim. It is Grant's voice that summons Blanc out of the bathroom. He's clearly seen later in the film answering the door of their shared home with a jar of sourdough starter.

At last year's premiere of the film at the London Film Festival, director Rian Johnson said "there's nobody in the world I can imagine in bringing me more joy for Benoit Blanc to be with."

Following the success of Glass Onion, we're sure we'll see Blanc in more installments in the Knives Out cinematic universe. But let's start a petition to get Grant a larger role in the next film. Perhaps the power couple can solve a crime together? Or launch a joint TikTok account? Or at least appear in the same room at the same time...

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is now streaming on Netflix.

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