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Justice Smith & Sydney Sweeney Talk New Erotic Thriller The Voyeurs


After taking HBO by storm, queer Genera+ion star Justice Smith and Euphoria and The White Lotus star Sydney Sweeney are joining forces for Amazon Prime Video's newest erotic thriller The Voyeurs, and it's a wild, wild ride! 

Out got the chance to sit down virtually with Smith and Sweeney, and the two stars talked about what made them fall in love with the story (that's filled with so many twists and turns), revenge films, taking breaks from social media, and more.

"I agreed to do the film after like 40 pages 'cause I just fell in love with the writing and thought it was so funny and thrilling and sexy and I just really was taken by the story," Smith said about what made him sign onto the project, written and directed by Michael Mohan, that tells the story of Pippa and Thomas, a young couple who move into their first apartment together but are then inexplicably drawn to (and borderline obsessed with) a sexy, attractive couple who live in the building across from theirs who they can see from their window.

"After I agreed to do the film, I read the rest of the script and I was really happy because it was just that much more exciting, you know, after seeing all the twists and turns. And then watching it, I was like, it's equally as thrilling as it was when I was just reading it on my couch in New York."

"Mike's writing is just, he's so elevated and talented," Sweeney added. "When I got to one point in the script, I thought that it was the ending, and then I look, and there are like 20, 30 pages more and I go, 'What could happen now?' Not knowing what to expect is really exciting 'cause a lot of times you kind of know where your character's heading and you know what's the end. I really want to do a story that makes you think differently than what you expect."

The Voyeurs is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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