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Jonathan Van Ness Is a Hillariously Sassy Hairball in Netflix's 'Arlo'

Jonathan Van Ness and Furlecia

That tongue pop mama? Alyssa Edwards would be proud.

We get it: Arlo the Alligator Boy is a children's show. We really understand that. But if this new clip is an indication, it's going to have us in stitches all the same.

Premiering today, Arlo is a new animated musical on Netflix. It follows Arlo, a red-headed bayou singing alligator boy as he lives his home to search for his father in New York City. Along the way, he builds the perfect band of misfits in a stylish hairball, jaded fish, tiny tiger girl, really tall human, and more. The parts are voiced by talents like Jonathan Van Ness (obviously the stylish hairball) and Mary Lambert (the really tall human.)

In a new clip from the film the hairball, known as Furlecia, hilariously finds herself in a wrestling match.

"Oh no, I've bestraight-up up stabbed in my love handles," she yells. "Oh!"

It is the campiest RuPaul's Drag Race acting challenge-themed performance ever.

"You better come with more than a cute little comb if you want to stop me," the character says after recovering. And yes, there's a tongue pop. Alyssa Edwards would be the proudest.

Furlecia continues with moves named after hairstyling products and reads that certainly come from someone who has a hair care line on the way. Still, it puts a grin on our face in the most perfect of ways.

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