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Ezra Miller's 'The Flash' Film Could Be Cancelled

Ezra Miller on a red carpet.

Earlier this week, video footage of Ezra Miller seeming to choke a woman in Iceland surfaced. Now, reports indicate that movie projects that Miller is involved with are reconsidering things.

In a livestream, Lords of the Long Box reads off a post from Mikey Sutton that alleges Warner Brothers may cancel The Flash film fronted by Miller. Sutton is well-known in the superhero movie fandom as having solid information when it comes to leaks. According to his sources, the studio is investigating the leaked video and could "reboot" the entire DC Extended Universe as a result.

This would only be the latest set back for The Flash which has long been delayed. The project was first announced in 2014 with a then scheduled release in 2018. Team changes have seen the movie continually pushed back. 

Below is Sutton's report, as read live on Lords of the Long Box.

According to a source at Warner Bros, the disturbing choking video of Ezra Miller that leaked a few days ago sent shockwaves throughout the company. I want to emphasize source in singular as I usually don't run leaks without speaking to multiple parties but I'm making an exception here.

WB is investigating what really happened in Iceland where the video was shot. Depending on what evidence they will find, internal discussions have focused on canceling The Flash movie altogether. Many executives weren't excited bout the project to begin with but would be willing to softly reboot the DC [Extended Universe] keeping what they liked from Zack Snyder's time with the franchise. with the ongoing global pandemic, I'm told the progress will be slow in regards to an ultimate decision regarding this, but there doesn't seem to be a bright future ahead for The Flash film.

WB is wary of keeping Miller in the role as the bad publicity will haunt the solo film and any future appearances of him as a Flash in other films. No word yet of a Fantastic Beasts sequel.

After appearing in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald, Miller confirmed that he was involved in a third installment of the series as well.

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