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Cate Blanchett Can't Stop Saying 'Gay' in This Perfect Video

Cate Blanchett Can't Stop Saying 'Gays'

The 2015 clip resurfaced this week, and we are not worthy of its beauty.

Cate Blanchett is just here to talk about the gays.

Over the weekend, an old clip resurfaced of Blanchett misunderstanding a question on the press tour for Disney's 2015 live-action remake of Cinderella. In the video, Blanchett is interviewed by film critic and TV host Andrew Freund, who asks how she perfects her "Disney villain gaze" -- referencing her icy stare as evil stepmother Lady Tremaine -- but Blanchett thinks he's talking about, well, something else.

"I thought 'Disney villain gays,'" the Oscar winner responds. She starts to laugh and adds, "Sorry, there's an accent dysfunction."

Perhaps the best part of the original video -- and the part that got Twitter truly screaming -- is that when Blanchett attempted to explain her mistake, she threw in a brief limp wrist as the camera zooms in. "Oh, you mean, the gaze," she says, "not 'the gays.'"

Throughout the video, the entire crew can be heard cracking up in the background. Who wouldn't be laughing themselves silly?

As was only a matter of time, the video got memed. On Thursday, Twitter user @lovxanas reedited the video to deepen Blanchett's voice every time she says the words "gay" or "gays" -- which, to be clear, is a lot of times. We counted at least five, and now you can listen to every single one of them with the bass all the way up.

Gay Twitter had no choice but to stan.

But Blanchett, always a pro, finds a silver lining in her big gay (or should we say GAAAAAAAY) slip-up. "Lady Tremaine, maybe if she was gay she would have been happier," she says.

TL;DR Disney's remake of Carol is going to be lit.

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