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Bi Icon Angelina Jolie Had a Teenage Crush on Michelle Pfeiffer

Angelina Jolie Had a Teenage Crush on Michelle Pfeiffer

Fetch some electrolytes, because you're going to need it at the end of this post.

Angelina Jolie is an acclaimed actress, director, philanthropist, and bisexual icon, but apparently she's also got great taste.

During a press tour for the upcoming Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Jolie admitted she was quite taken with co-star Michelle Pfeiffer while growing up in the 1980s. The admission began when interviewer Scott Evans of Access asked the film's trio of female leads -- Pfeiffer, Jolie, and Elle Fanning -- to dish on their teenage crushes. Pfeiffer admitted she was dating herself by naming former teen idol Bobby Sherman ("Google it," she said), while Jolie initially went with a vintage pick, too.

"I loved Brando in Streetcar," Jolie said, pensively gazing into the middle distance with an intensity that Stella Adler would stan. Angie didn't win that Oscar for nothing!

But things got steamier -- and sent the millennials rushing to Wikipedia once more -- when Fanning said Danny Zuko, the Rydell High gang leader played by John Travolta in Grease. That's a character, not a person, but we will allow!

That got Jolie to reflect on her adolescent fantasies once more, and then the pivotal words were spoken. "I loved you inGrease," she said, leaning across the row to Pfeiffer. (Again, the fact-checker in me must pause to mention that Pfeiffer was in the inferior, but still charming, 1982 sequel Grease 2, but I'm holding things up, I know.)

"Was I your teen crush?" Pfeiffer responded, with a coy grin.

Jolie decided to shoot her shot 37 years late, and who can blame her? "I definitely was into you when you sang 'Cool Rider,'" she said, throwing in some hand gestures over her bosom to better illustrate her raging teen hormones. "You were very hot."

If you thought Ms. Jolie was done, she most definitely was not. When Evans attempted to move onto his next question, she continued to pile on.

"Scarface, I also had a big crush on you then," Jolie said, mumbling the answer so it was a bit hard to make out. Perhaps, like us, she just needed a tall, Michelle Pfeiffer-shaped glass of water after that Taxicab Confession.

While Jolie's most famous relationships are with men -- ex-husbands Jonny Lee Miller (we stan), Billy Bob Thornton (sure, whatever), and Brad Pitt (hot take, but meh) -- she also dated model Jenny Shimizu in the 1990s. The two met on the set of the set of the largely forgotten Joyce Carol Oates adaptation Foxfire, and in a 1997 interview with the now-defunct Girlfriends magazine, Jolie said she "fell in love with [Shimizu] the first second [she] saw her."

"I probably would have married Jenny Shimizu if I hadn't married my husband," she said, referring to her four-year marriage to Miller. Jolie added that it was on the film's set that she began "figuring things out" about herself, realizing that she was attracted to both women and men.

Although Jolie professed her love for "boyish girls" and "girlish boys" in interviews, the actress wouldn't publicly embrace the bi label until Barbara Walters asked her the question in a 2003 sitdown.

"If I fell in love with a woman tomorrow, would I feel that it's OK to want to kiss and touch her?" she said. "If I fell in love with her? Absolutely! Yes!"

Jolie has kept her dating life relatively low-key since finalizing her divorce from Pitt in April after five years of marriage, but the interview is a casually important reminder that bi women are still bi, no matter how many dudes they marry. And while Pfeiffer may be straight and married to the Ally McBeal guy, there are plenty of eligible queer folks in Hollywood. Miley Cyrus, for instance, is recently single, ready to mingle, and an Instagram DM away.

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