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Joan & Joni Vs The Fashion World

Joan & Joni Vs The Fashion World


Gays love talented broads. And why shouldn't we celebrate aging women with attitude?

This month, two luxury fashion houses released new ad campaigns with major icons as the new face of the brands. No, we are NOT discussing the Justin Bieber/Calvin Klein fiasco (which I'm choosing to pretend never happened), but instead two women's brands who have chosen Joan Didion and Joni Mitchell for their campaigns.

Iconic singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell dons 1970s-inspired clothes for Saint Laurent, while prolific writer Joan Didion sports super simple chic with a pair of oversized shades for Celine. But why should we care? The Internet has been in a tizzy over it all asking if this is a reflection of our views on aging, or even if these two women (both known for marching to the beat of their own drums) have "sold out" to sell high-end luxury clothing. Actually, I think that the rest of the world is finally catching on to something gay men have known all along: Grandes Dames are pretty badass. Gay men have long had love affairs with aging beauties both real and fictitious: Norma Desmond, Bette Davis, Miss Daisy, Liz Taylor, Carol Channing, Liza Minnelli, et. al, etc., ad infinitum, ad naseum -- the list truly could go on forever.

The fact is, age is just a number and, yes, advertising is meant to sell product, but if it also honors women who have made significant contributions to art and society, why does it matter? Or even if they haven't (like the Dolce & Gabbana Grandmas also causing a stir on the Web) isn't this what society has been asking for? Models who look like real people? I for one think we should all just admire the fact that they look fucking fabulous and get over it.

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